The Invisible Hand is a comprehensive source of financial and economic commentary. The content of The Invisible Hand provides both beginner and sophisticated investors with easy to understand, dynamic analysis of the most recent and relevant financial and economic news. The Invisible Hand offers it’s readers tools and ideas that can be used to effectively understand and profit in increasingly global and complex markets.

Zachary Raicik is a senior finance major at Bentley University. During his stay at Bentley University, Zak has completed numerous internships at companies including Travelers and Merrill Lynch. Aside from contributing to The Invisible Hand, Zak is busy mentally preparing himself to be in the real world soon. In his spare time, Zak likes to work on his impressive sneaker collection and maintain his status as an elite member of Starbuck’s Gold Card Club. He is from Glastonbury, CT.

Joshua Kulak is a senior economics-finance major at Bentley University. Joshua was a member of the 2012 Bentley Fed Challenge Team. The team presented their monetary policy recommendation at the Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C. where they finished second place nationally. In his free time, Josh is a volunteer fire fighter and boasts an extremely impressive ‘dougie’. He is from Farmington, CT.

Jared Allen is a senior finance major at Bentley University.  Currently, Jared is a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society as well as the Financial Management Association Honor Society. This past year, Jared won a lottery where the prize was a 2013 Mercedes C-Class, but somehow walked away with nothing. Jared’s other achievements include being named a world champion black belt. He is from Warwick, RI.

Zachary Musso is a junior finance major at Bentley University. An investing mogul, Zach is the most experienced analyst of the bunch. Throughout his college career, Zach has written in multiple positions including Sang Lucci, Stocktwits, and Young Guns Trading. With a closet to die for, Zach is always dressed to impress. He enjoys fine wine, robust cigars, and scotch on the rocks.  He is from Lancaster, PA.


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