The Week Ahead: 2/4/13 to 2/8/13

This week, new additions to our TWA post are the following columns to help you understand the stocks your trading during this earnings season:

  • Market Cap
  • Float Short
  • Beta
  • Average True Range (ATR)
  • Average Volume (AvgVol)

Earnings Spreadsheet (Briefing-FINVIZ)

The data compiled to add these lines was taken from a simple FINVIZ screener and will be added to the TWA spreadsheet from now on.  Shout out to a trader who suggested I put these on the spreadsheet, as he felt this information would be incredibly useful and I 100% agreed (you know who you are).

Good luck this week, and look for a post discussing one specific futures contract and its intricacies later on this week!


– ZMoose


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